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Open to guided tours and casual visitors at weekends from Saturday 4 April.

Welcome to Spike Island

Spike Island - Fort Entrance

Spike Island occupies a key location in lower Cork Harbour, which is the second largest natural harbour in the world.The multi-cultural island has hosted a monastery, a fortress and a prison within its 104 acres, all of which have left their mark.

In July 2010 a new phase in Spike Island's history began as the State, specifically the Department of Justice and Law Reform, officially handed control over to Cork County Council, thus ending two centuries of institutional use.Cork County Council welcomes you to a unique visitor experience on Spike. The Council is seeking to develop the island as a vehicle for retelling the story of 1400 years of history and the Irish diaspora.It is hoped that the development of Spike Island as a visitor attraction will help build on the existing tourism and heritage infrastructure in Cork Harbour.

RTE 1 hit show Ireland's Fittest Family shot on Spike Island

July 5th and 6th saw Animo TV and Kite Entertainment bring an army of crew
and production personnel to Spike Island for an epic two day shoot of their
hit RTE 1 show "Ireland's Fittest Family".

The shoot saw 12 uber fit families take part in the qualifying opening two
episodes where sporting legends Derval O'Rourke, Davy Fitz, Jason Sherlock
and Kenneth Egan put them through their paces. An eight week series the
winning family will emerge with the title Ireland's Fittest Family and a
prize fund of €15k.

Speaking about the shoot Animo Senior Vice President of Production Adrian
Lynch said, "We couldn't have asked for a better location to open our second
season then Spike, it really has it all - stunning views along with some
incredible features from a giant moat to cells it's a TV makers dream.
Bringing over 100 people anywhere is tricky but the management and staff on
Spike made our task that much easier with their fantastic support
throughout, we'll be forever grateful to them and the team at Cork County

Ireland's Fittest Family series 2 starts on RTE 1 at 6:30pm on Sun Sep 20th.

Series Producer, Barry Egan, taking contestants on Course No 2 – Prison Break walkthrough


Show all 12 families with the four Mentors: Jason Sherlock, Kenny Egan, Davy Fitzgerald and Derval O’Rourke

All 12 families with the four Mentors: Jason Sherlock, Kenny Egan, Davy Fitzgerald and Derval O’Rourke


Davy Fitz warming up his families


Kenny Egan (Mentor), Joe O’Connor (Fitness Trainer /Course Advisor), and Davy Fitzgerald (Mentor)


Video of 75th Anniversary of Handover of Cork Harbour Treaty Ports – 11th July 2013